I'd joked about Mexico annexing my house, but ...

I do not see any conditions in the Gadsen or Guadalupe Treaties about what their status is in the event the US's sovereignty is in question, however what I do see in the treaty is that in the event of a dispute between the US and Mexico, the parties are NOT to interfere with houses of worship on the territory or take actions that cause Indians to have to seek new homes, both of which have been done (to churches in California) and to me personally: My residence is within the boundaries of the Gadsen treaty, I am (part) Indian , as well as an FM3 in Mexico.  If even 1/10000th of what I have said here is true than the US has violated -- quite forcefully -- the Guadape Hidalgo treaty and pretty much engaged in war crimes against an (again, part) Indian on said territory where it might be questionable whether that territory is even the US'es in which to sell to foreign hostile nation state actors, or to engage in various crimes against humanity on its inhabitants.  I guess the US ha

1980: "The Virus"

Nearly 40 years to the last time they did the NWO stuff  -- remember, dates are important to these people: This was in Jimmy Carter's first term, he was going to do the NWO/Globohomo thing in his second term. March 22, 1980 : The Georgia Guidestones went up. They really planned to wipe the population down to about 500 million. With, guess what, "aids." That's a LOT fewer than I'm suggesting they plan to kill now. The "world population" in 1980 was , allegedly, about 4.443 billion. And here is the monument, where they say to keep the world population down to 500,000,000.  What do they do with the other 4 billion? Hmm, I wonder. The same fucking thing they're doing now? April 12, 1980 : Liberian coup d'etat : The 1980 Liberian coup d'état happened on April 12, 1980, when President William Tolbert was overthrown and murdered in a violent coup. The coup was staged by an indigenous Liberian faction of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) under the co

Touchdown: "Muh Algorithms."

I already briefly explained the quantum internet thing, targeted advertising, turned into targeted propaganda. I have a theory that Big Social either identified people like me and singled us out to be isolated from our primary groups , disconnected from family and friends and other social supports, on purpose. Either because they somehow "figured out" something about me... Or because they're all owned by DARPA, who already knows that thing about me. They manipulate how you see yourself, how others see you, etc. They reward/reinforce unfair behavior, shunning, isolating. etc. Count on people getting reinforcement from their likes etc. Their enforcement is often petty, heavy handed, and unfair. It stifles my ability to talk about what these people did to violate my human rights, abuse me, terrorize me, and conspire to confine me or deprive me of my civil rights and civil liberties. I have good reason to believe that they have gone to much further lengths to silence, kill, o

"Told that you're worthless from five years old, Is it part of your destiny?"

I don't remember when I got cold It was when he would lay into me Told that you're worthless from five years old Is it part of your destiny He's standing next to me I cannot breath When will I have the guts to leave? Runaway from all that is sacred Escaping the shadow over me Runaway, you'll never make it It's all that a child believes I don't remember when I felt warm I was never quite good enough I only wanted the simple things Like being told you were loved He's still supporting me But where's the faith Looking in his eyes I sense his hate Runaway from all that is sacred Escaping the shadow over me Runaway (Runaway, runaway, runaway) Runaway from all that is sacred Escaping the shadow over me Runaway, you'll never make it It's all that a child believes I never cry for sadness I cut off from the pain I won't forget your madness But I'll forgive you anyway But I'll forgive you anyway He's standing next to me I cannot breathe When

Looking Glass Self and the Effect of Primary Groups

Charles Horton Cooley was a sociologist who wanted to better understand society and human behavior. He believed that the influence of groups within a society had a strong impact on human behavior. In this lesson, we will discuss primary groups, the theory of the looking-glass self and the concept that one's self and society are distinctly one unit, not two. Why Cooley Studied Groups and Social Behavior Charles Horton Cooley was a sociologist who wanted to better understand why human beings behave the way they do. One of Cooley's most important contributions to sociology was his idea that by studying everyday social interactionsbetween people, one could begin to better understand why people behave as they do. This is the basis of the interactionist perspective of sociology. Cooley stated that to understand behavior, we must first understand the meanings humans attach to certain situations and, thus, the behavior that is taught to go along with that situation. He believed that so

Ah ha, it's not a looking glass, it's a magnifying glass.


Oh, is that funny?



The "savages" and tribes had one thing right: If you fucked one of their kids they ripped your heart out. If you conquered their land and their people, their green goddess would come out of the ground and destroy you. American exceptionalism as in the continent and her people: Not the pedovore kleptocratic swamp in DC. Funny thing about North America, which consists of Mexico and the nations you call the US and Canada , which are both ruled by the UK , which was until December 31st, controlled from Belgium. It turns out that in exiting Europe, it was the voice of the people in the UK that prevailed. They have a problem on their hands, as that has implications for your puppet rulers installed by Europe and its agents.  Europe switched their economic dependencies and alliances to the China alliances as soon as the US and the UK stopped being their pay pigs. Canada and the US are just Canada and the US in name only.  NSA is No Such Agency. The "states" have "no st

Kaleidoscopes II

So tell me what’s on the other side, is it scary and death and blackness or is it home? Okay, great, and now you know what a Rorschach/Ink Blot test is.  What do they do with their ... interpretations of your unconscious reactions to suggestive stimuli? The same shit Big Social - Twitter, specifically -- does. The "quantum internet" shit exploits DID victims. So does the "psychiatry" profession. Yeah sure uh huh take your meds sweetie, oh noes, you're "manic," we gotta shut that "magnet" in the middle of your forehead off!  And then they have five people hold you down and inject you.  Thats what happens when you awaken. Hope you learned your "lesson." It started as "targeted advertising," lets identify shit about these people to extract more money from them. And then , since then, its taken a much darker turn from there. The difference between a kaleidoscope and a telescope, Is that the telescope shows you reality from a d

American Exceptionalism is a thing, and we're going to do this for you "again."

The symbolism of the looking glass: Ego death and/or, to defy the mirror or the television is to "die." What is the "looking glass" ? Hint: It is exactly what George Orwell said that it is. This is not the first time we "invented" it -- or should I say were "offered it," and then invaded and conquered by it. All of the old jokes about Bell Labs and some of the old jokes about NASA are true. Our conquerors and barbarians who have always oppressed and conquered and subjugated us know every single thing I have told you , they keep it to themselves, and it can be proven they are using this esoteric , ancestral knowledge to do this to us yet again. They kept their books -- for them, not for you -- and burned ours. History literally is written by the winners. And it has been overcome by the same radicals using the same playbook -- muh communism, muh marxism, I'm NOT a fan but it DOES what it does. And so, we burn the paintings , we burn the books,

You’re nothing but a scarecrow.

Somewhere in our ancestral records, Within ourself and our source, There is an ancient well of pain and primal fear: Records of being sacrificed , persecuted, and oppressed by our leaders and by other races and nations and tribes. Of watching other children brutalized, ritualized, raped, or thrown into volcanoes. This subjugation is recorded somewhere in our souls and our source. The feds will want me to look into the Chinese /pol/ users in “Canada” who are posting volcanoes, skulls , faces mixed with fire , the “Q” (I don’t know what this symbol is in terms of suggestive stimuli, but since the q people used other suggestive stimuli related to Alice in wonderland and “looking glass” mind control programming , it’s probably in that category) , the “Q” in fire, and various fires/disasters PAIRED with threats and psyops. They seek a visceral reaction. Thanks to information that is coming to me in this state , I’m learning this is similar to how north Tampa behavioral health puts people in

Plans for December?

I’ve never meaningfully celebrated Christmas before because... well, you know why. I was always like one of these years I’ll have a home to put a tree up in, and then maybe even not get evicted or bored by December. Put some lights up. Put on some panties and go make snow angels, I don’t know. I think if we haven’t managed to exterminate each other or die from covid or whatever by the end of this year we need to meme Saint Glow Nicholas spying on /pol/ to see if they’re posting racist shit or inciting terror or really crappy propaganda.  Give em coal if they’re naughty. We're going through the global "scare event" : the trials and tribulations again. Whose downfall was the symbolism going to be? Who abandoned whom? Italy was singing hymns together out of their apartment windows at one point during their lockdown. I think they got the message. The way things are going , maybe this year "getting coal" means us, or the whole planet .. becomes coal .. if we don'

Now if Saint Glow Nicholas were to come check on me

He’d find some gringo napping in the .. in the .. wait , what the fuck? This is Aztec territory girl. Telemundo jabbering away in the background. A half smile on my face. Saint gl- never mind , God lives in and for the metaphor.  He pets me on the head and disappears as quickly as he came. <3 PS: Don’t burn books, reeeeeead them. Speaking of burning books, Download a backup of this blog at Archive: Archive:


I think the “eye on the pyramid thing” frightens spirits/demons off. Some people had an activated third eye that was like a white light or a magnet to invading spirits, demons, ETs, I don’t know, whatever the fuck they are they were a problem for humans and they devised this. For those who don’t have an activated third eye I guess they’d wear a hat with a great big third eye on it. Here’s another idea: Take the white LED from your phone and hold it to your forehead pointing out. It makes certain , uh, unwanted stimuli go away in a way that psychiatry and medication never did. The brightest whitest purest light. Maybe when we make “contact” with higher planes , they dazzle us with white light too, because we don’t belong on their plane , aren’t evolved enough or are too savage or conflicted or something. Why would they welcome a traumatized visitor from this planet?  That makes more sense about why they’d try to keep us in that state so that we all cross into the next one and then they

“Infiltration , not invasion.”

  “Many of us ended up in jail, or sought help through medicine , religion, and psychiatry... none of these methods was sufficient for us. Our disease always resurfaced or continued to progress until IN DESPERATION, we sought help from each other in Narcotics Anonymous.” [Emphasis added] “In desperation,” as in, every single one of those other alternatives, avenues, and options had failed and NA was absolutely the last stop on the block. They arrived , in their own words, in DESPERATION. So as their members bully , shun, ostracize, disassociate like the good little CIA cult they are , and tell you to go overdose and die , that you’ll never get it, that nobody should talk to or help you or sponsor - They literally took the last light on the block , and turned it off for you. While lying for 50 years about how they were this spiritual welcoming open minded honest place that had the door and arms open for the desperate with nowhere else left to turn after every single one of those other o

Thanks fren

AA and NA — the “spiritual, not religious” (tm) program was pretty much exactly the same thing.

There has to be a better way

Noooooo, I loooooove “capitalism!” I loooooooooooove war pigs and jackboots. I’m soooooooooo happy. Our society works! /s Fuck, what was I thinking? I haven’t picked up the hammer and sickle here but... Wherever we go from here, justice isn’t optional anymore. Fuck “four more years.” No. More. Tears.

The Swamp is Coming From inside the Oval Office

Mr Trump, I was promised a drained swamp and a locked up hag. And what I got was Joe Biden. Who did all of this to us. Or was at least willing to sign his name on whatever they put in front of him, like yesterday, heh. And all of that was done under your boy Bill Clinton. Only the President of the United States can write an EO. He had sixteen of the fucking things ready to go after he’d barely even been “inaugurated.” Meaning he wasn’t President when those EOs were written, if he was even the person who wrote them. One of those EOs invalidates a prior EO that forbids bias and scapegoating based on race and sex  ... idk something along those lines I read it yesterday .. and I’m like “WTF I love sexism and racism now! Go Democrats!” Scapegoating as in you know, Adolph Hitler saying let’s put all the _________ in the oven for our problems! Making sure we can still do that was a DAY ONE priority of the incoming Biden administration. WELL PLAYED. I’d cite it but it’s not published in the f

April - Post Woke Syndrome

So one of the fucking things that happened back in April ... or didn’t happen, who fucking knows .. I somehow ended up going from Kentucky to Florida, and as I drove through Tennessee everything was smoking and on fire with a huge red fireball off to the East that looked like a volcano or nuke had gone off or something massive like that. I got as far as I was going to get, I guess, when my truck started acting weird and accelerating towards a gasoline tanker on I-75. My clutch pedal went to the floor and I started hearing this weird garbled alien sounding voice on the radio. The truck’s a manual so I just grabbed the stick shifter and popped the gear into neutral and coasted to safety. I will never buy another car with electronic steering, that I can’t manually shut off, or manually put in neutral again.  My engine was bogging down forcefully and this garbled noise on the radio was sort of annoying, I pushed the seek button and every channel played the same transmission. My engine went

And they were like, “TaKe uR mEdS sChiZo”

Image They wanted 15-65 million of us genocided. Kylon’s dumb ass was like “yussssss, kill them all.” And his stupid fucking friends were like “yussssss,take ur meds and call NAMI hun.” Let’s get his Facebook account suspended so we can rant about how superior we are to someone who parked in a handicapped spot without a placard (Jeremy...) Oh I have my sixteenth SELFIE to upload this week (Ashley, Etienne, I could go on all day.....) Yeah you really fucking showed me, didn’t you? They were going to kill you too. Remember that.


 > I was convinced it was schizo Look, I’m crazy not blind. It’s what goes in my ears that I have to wonder about but I think a recent EO has that covered.

Based Nasty Girls


Adios America

Who was this standing outside the window ?  Joe signed the EO to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and they ordered everyone out of the room and ended the stream and unlisted it.   Now there’s a floodlight on the White House. This fucking puppet didn’t even read anything he signed. This is who you wanted to lead the world ? That’s all, folks. Whatever the platform was built for , it’s lit the fuck up with floodlights on the White House and people are on it now. Earthcam zoomed way out in a hurry so you can’t make out any detail now. I don’t trust the media or government — especially not a government I’m told is led by Joe and Kamala — to tell me the truth about anything anymore , nor do they deserve mine or anyone else’s trust or confidence. Do the right thing for once in your history America.

Fuck it

Girl I’m running for President in 2024 on the basis that if I do anything scandalous, illegal, compromising, or immoral I’ll probably blog about it or stream it on pornhub. Blackmail and scandal proof. Hunter would have to be my VP. He’s at least as qualified as Kamala was to work “under” Willie Brown. I’ve seen pics. Alright. Who wants to take wagers on how many of those “65,000 troops” in DC are in custody for agreeing to use deadly force on civilians to install a “president” they know to have attained office fraudulently? How many of them were street theater and agitprop for the last four years? Where are all those people today? Where is the plane activity for moving all of them out? Hey by the way you got nano tagged at every single “peaceful protest” you attended last year. If you attended one or two, well maybe you were exercising your free right of speech and assembly. If you attended all or most of them, goodbye. It’s military tech. To every single English major and woke “colle

Bernie debates Bernie “cant be bought by billionaires” Sanders on Biden:

“ It is now clear that we have entered a recession as bad or worse than in 2009 .” -- IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva. I predicted a recession back in November based (partially) off of FRED data (repurchase agreements) climbing and surpassing levels seen in 2008 and partially due to economic slowdowns observed across all sectors in trucking (see the same post). Joe Biden had pumped 900 billion dollars into the banks in 08 to kick the can down the road. That money finally dried up. Biden himself knew the recession was coming — AND WHY — back in December 2019 when he started making public announcements that he would be likely to “ inherit a recession from Trump. ” The coronavirus scam is a distraction from the fact that Joe Biden slapped a BANDAID over an ASSHOLE in 2008 with the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) — a.k.a., the Wall Street bailout. “ Of this situation, Bernie Sanders has correctly pointed out that “Joe bailed out the crooks on Wal